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Completely Wireless Solar Powered Virtually Maintenance Free

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

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Welcome to Solarbeam™ International, Inc.

The best in wireless perimeter intrusion detection with …

The Value is in the System NOT the Installation Cost

Solarbeam™ Security’s SOLAR POWERED Wireless Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) provides the highest reliability and most versatile and cost effective perimeter protection available.

Completely wireless translates to rapid system deployment, mobility and customer investment spent on functional infrastructure, not conduit, wiring and labor that are costly and are left behind when the perimeter needs change.

Solarbeam™ patented the technique of using solar power with the wireless reporting of sensor systems formed between any two points. This techinque is embodied in Solarbeam's™ towers that permit the deployment of IR beam, microwave systems, camera, fence sensor systems and virtually any moderate power security application without the need for trenching, conduit, heavy equipment, wires, or permitting.

Wireless Security Diagram

All of Solarbeam’s™ PIDS are powered by a proven battery based system, which provides days of available power, maintaining security when other systems cannot. The battery power supply is continuously regharged by either solar powered for outdoor venues, or via standard 120 VAC if desired. Solarbeam’s proven Wireless PIDS technology has provided enhanced perimeter security for hundreds of facilities, with a reliable operational life exceeding 15 years of service…and counting!

The stand-alone wireless nature of this revolutionary system provides for:

  • - Economical Perimeter Protection
  • - Rapid deployment
  • - Immunity to lighting strikes (Life Time Warranty!)
  • - Ease of reconfiguration
  • - Truly portable or perminent solutions
  • - Integration video verification options
  • - Days of built in back-up power
  • - Self-monitoring with automatic system fault notification

Solarbeam's™ perimeter security solutions provide perfact cost effective protection for a vast array of perimeter security applications. Solarbeam's™ system are "Green" and environmentally sensitive. In addition, having to move a more conventional perimeter intrusion detection system, requires new trenching, new conduit, new wiring, plenty of time and potentially costly heavy equipment expenses.

Solarbeam™ towers are adaptable and solutions are available for a vast array of perimeter security applications. Solarbeam’s perimeter security solutions provide perfect cost effective protection, a few examples of active protection systems are:

  • - Ports and Marinas
  • - Airports
  • - Gated Communities
  • - Country Clubs and Golf Courses
  • - High Security Laboratories
  • - Environmentally Sensitive Facilities
  • - Utility Power Substations
  • - Power Generation Plants
  • - Water Treatment Facilities
  • - Police Stations
  • - Public Works Yards
  • - Warehouses
  • - Roadway Animal Detection for Collision Avoidance and much, much more.

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